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Our Services

Town Planning model diagram

Town Planning

Our team of experienced town planners can assist in any stage of the development process from the initial site analysis, preparing and lodging your Council application and negotiating the final conditions of approval with Council.

Subdivision plan


We design and manage Brisbane subdivision projects all the way from plan conception to registration of titles. Using a team of associated consultants, all aspects of your development are planned and organised.

Identifying a property boundary

Identification Surveys

We can identify your original property boundaries and when occasionally found we can measure any encroachments onto or from the subject site. Knowing exactly where your lot boundaries extend will provide you peace of mind.  This is a very important step prior to purchasing any land!

Building setout at property

Building Setout

Residential houses, multi-unit developments, commercial or retail buildings are some of the more common structures for which we provide survey. All building set out surveys are pre-calculated and checked against all the approved plans prior to visiting the site.

Location certification region

Location Certification

Prior to purchasing a property, your solicitor may advise that you engage a surveyor to confirm that the property being purchased is the same as described within the contract of sale. This is a sure way to gain peace of mind that the land under contract is the land you have seen.

Doing a civil setout in the field

Civil Setout

To assist with the construction of roads, bridges, pipelines and other structures, our company can provide accurate positioning from design information from which a builder or contractor can construct your project.

Doing a detail survey in backyard

Detail & Level Surveys

Also sometimes referred to as a Topographic Survey, this type of survey allows the land to be mapped with contours overlaid which reflects the shape of the terrain at the time of the survey. Levels are taken to the Australian Height Datum (AHD).

Surveying a marina

Jetty & Pontoon Surveys

If you are considering constructing a jetty, pontoon or other marine structure on your property, it is imperative that you first get it surveyed to abide by local council/government regulations.

Height Certification Surveys

Height Certification

Most houses that are raised or moved require certification to ensure that the apex of the roof (or the highest point of the building) does not exceed the 8.5m height restriction above the natural surface.

Material Change of Use

Material Change of Use

When plans are made for a premise/location that require changes to the purpose for which it was built and approved, you may need to get a material change of use approval. Once called "rezoning of land" this process may sometimes be required when subdividing a larger property.

Volume survey with landfill

Volume Surveys

Volume surveys are conducted to identify the amount of fill or cut required for a site, or the amount of material that has been removed from or deposited onto a site. Calculations can be done for large stockpiles or landfill projects, as well as for major earthworks for construction projects.

Lease Plan Survey in action

Lease Plan Surveys

Any building or land lease that has a term greater than 3 years, must be accompanied by a lease plan prepared by a licensed surveyor. Any lease within a complex (or within a single lot) of more than 5 units must also include a Master sketch showing the unit location in relation to the leases within the complex.


Strata Title Plans

With a combined 40+ years experience helping Queensland developers throughout the strata titling process, we can help with every stage of the planning/development process.

Spatial Data collection

Spatial Data

We provide a wide range of spatial data collection services to the development industry. Surveyors in general are becoming increasingly better equipped with the knowledge and skills to address the changing needs of our developing world.

Flooded Margaret Street Brisbane

Flood Study Surveys

Local authorities require all development of land to be above the 1 in 100 year flood level. To determine this level the topography of the land must be surveyed and used with the volume of the catchment to determine the Q100 level relative to the Australian Height Datum (AHD).

High building

Building Format Subdivision

To subdivide a lot creating separate titles over multiple buildings that have common areas or to subdivide the units within a high-rise building, a Building Format Survey is required.

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