The term 'Strata Titling' is now referred to in the land titling profession as 'Building Format Subdivision'

With development approvals for strata titles in Brisbane City council now at record levels, the focus has shifted away from single detached houses towards multi-level style living.

What is a strata title plan?

If you are planning on selling the units as individual strata title lots, you need a strata title plan to be prepared by a licensed cadastral surveyor. Strata titling is the process of dividing the units that comprise a townhouse, duplex, or multi-level building into individual allotments with their own individual title registered at the Titles Office for the purpose of sale.

The strata title process explained...

1 Setup a body corporate

This can be done through a body corporate manager or solicitor. Here you will create a name for your body corporate/building, which as surveyors, we will need from you before we begin. (Community Title Scheme FAQ's)

2 Setting up a community management statement

This is prepared by a solicitor and outlines the rules for the residents of that strata title community.

3 Preliminary survey plans

We prepare some preliminary plans of the strata title arrangement showing all the lots and community areas. There will also be exclusive use areas which will be dedicated to specific lots in the strata plan. At this stage it is crucial to confirm all the lot areas and entitlements beforehand so that pre-sales contracts can be drawn up.

4 Construction of building

After the plans have been approved by council, the construction phase begins. During this time you may also want to engage us to do your building setout because we have already have all the design drawings and are familiar with your project. At the completion of the setout we will supply a Form 16 Certification.

5 Final 'As Built' Confirmation

After this construction continues and once it is almost complete we return to confirm all the unit sizes and dimensions agree with the preliminary plans. If there are any discrepancies here, we will correct the plans to reflect all such changes. Check floor levels to make sure they conform to the overall height guidelines stipulated by local Queensland Councils (Brisbane City, Logan, Redland etc.)

6 Drafting The Strata Title Plan (Subdivision Plan)

Based on the checks we have made to the building, and measurements taken from the 'exclusive use' areas (carparks, backyards, private courtyards etc.) we then prepare the final plans of subdivision. These are then submitted to council along with the community management statement for sealing.

Experienced surveyors specialising in strata plans

At East Coast Surveys we have a combined 40+ years experience in successfully helping Queensland developers throughout the strata titling process. We will work hand-in-hand with all consultants involved in your project to deliver a timely product and friendly professional service. If you are new to strata titling we will guide you through the whole process, giving you insight into the process and a better understanding of how we can improve your outcomes for your development. Regardless of whether you are an experienced developer or new to the industry, give us a call today and let us help you.

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Client testimonials

  • East Coast Surveys (Aust) have been the surveyors for MSO Holdings since July 2011. Duing this time they have provided Surveying and Town Planning seryices for two subdivision projects. Whenever we have had a need for quick response their professionalism and promptness cannot be questioned and is a credit to their firm.

    - Mark S Smith (MSO HOLDINGS PTY LTD)

  • The surveyor, Mark, was professional, humble , amiable and accommodating. He had 3 decades of experience and it showed. However I was amazed at his people skills and patience. This experience exceeded both my and the Project Managers expectations.

    - Wayne J. Chandler

  • We engaged ECS to do the survey work for our subdivision and have been impressed with their high level of service and proactive approach not only doing the survey work, but seeing the lot sealing process through to its completion. They were always willing to go above and beyond and we really appreciated their experience and guidance through this process.

    - Kendrick & Benita

  • My experience with East Coast Surveys was professional and helpful from the first phone call to receiving my plans. When i called them i did not know which Survey i needed i was just told by my Architect to call a Surveyor and get my Land Surveyed. Paul was so helpful and the price was affordable

    - Chris (True Local)

  • I would like to thank Paul for all the help he gave me with my enquiries about future work. I would recommend East Coast Surveys to anyone considering development and reconfiguring of a lot. I will definitely be using your services again in the future. Very happy customer

    - Sue

  • We engaged East Coast Surveys to assist us with our Town Planning and Surveying to sub-divide our land and house. This was an extremely challenging project and was handled professionally and accurately by East Coast Surveys making my dealings with the whole team delightful. Each one of the team went above and beyond to assist us as first timers.

    - Vicki A.

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