Local knowledge & expertise across the entire subdivision process

We design and manage Brisbane subdivision projects all the way from plan conception to registration of titles. Using a team of associated consultants, all aspects of your development are planned and organised. We have reconfigured many residential South East Queensland properties, including large rural developments and multiple unit and town house developments. We have provided surveying services for marina developments, shopping center developments, re-alignment of boundaries or boundary truncation surveys, easement surveys and numerous smaller scale subdivisions such as 1 into 2 or 3 lot subdivisions.

We can assist with all types of subdivision

  • Splitting one lot into two or more seperate lots
  • Changing the boundaries of a lot
  • Subdividing building or units with a community title scheme
  • Volumetric Subdivision - above or below your land
  • Leases for subdivisions - e.g over 10 years

Large development subdivision specialists

Most recently we have become involved in several larger developments including a small lot multi-staged development with land dedication to Council for the purposes of Park and drainage land and includes a Community Title Scheme. These more complex schemes can involve multi-layered Schemes and require guidance from various professionals however allow for lot design usually associated with a town house development.

Reconfiguration surveying & plan lodgement

In order to finalise a subdivision approval, a Survey Plan needs to be sealed by the Local Council and then registered with the Department of Environment and Resource Management. Our office is able to complete the surveying works, prepare a Survey Plan and lodge the required documentation with both Council and the DERM.

Building format plans & title registration

Our office provides a wide range of professional services relating to all aspects of community title subdivisions. These typically include townhouse, unit and duplex developments requiring land surveying works for Building Format Plans and title registration.

Working with Brisbane / South East Queensland councils

We will work with you to ensure that all changes are made in accordance with local council laws, and we will liaise directly with the councils on your behalf for this. We are very familiar with the requirements from all South East Queensland councils including Brisbane City, Logan Council, Redcliffe, Ipswich, Pine Rivers & Gold Coast.

Managing your application with council

From our consultations with you, we will be able to manage your subdivision application to council throughout the whole process. Our team will work directly with the council representatives to ensure that all criteria are met to get your application through. Having conducted many subdivisions in Brisbane since 1993 when we first established, we are very familiar with the correct procedures for preparing & lodging the application.  We do this through a clear understanding of the local planning scheme & through discussions with the council planners. For you this means an easy process all the way from conception to registration of titles.

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Client testimonials

  • East Coast Surveys (Aust) have been the surveyors for MSO Holdings since July 2011. Duing this time they have provided Surveying and Town Planning seryices for two subdivision projects. Whenever we have had a need for quick response their professionalism and promptness cannot be questioned and is a credit to their firm.

    - Mark S Smith (MSO HOLDINGS PTY LTD)

  • The surveyor, Mark, was professional, humble , amiable and accommodating. He had 3 decades of experience and it showed. However I was amazed at his people skills and patience. This experience exceeded both my and the Project Managers expectations.

    - Wayne J. Chandler

  • We engaged ECS to do the survey work for our subdivision and have been impressed with their high level of service and proactive approach not only doing the survey work, but seeing the lot sealing process through to its completion. They were always willing to go above and beyond and we really appreciated their experience and guidance through this process.

    - Kendrick & Benita

  • My experience with East Coast Surveys was professional and helpful from the first phone call to receiving my plans. When i called them i did not know which Survey i needed i was just told by my Architect to call a Surveyor and get my Land Surveyed. Paul was so helpful and the price was affordable

    - Chris (True Local)

  • I would like to thank Paul for all the help he gave me with my enquiries about future work. I would recommend East Coast Surveys to anyone considering development and reconfiguring of a lot. I will definitely be using your services again in the future. Very happy customer

    - Sue

  • We engaged East Coast Surveys to assist us with our Town Planning and Surveying to sub-divide our land and house. This was an extremely challenging project and was handled professionally and accurately by East Coast Surveys making my dealings with the whole team delightful. Each one of the team went above and beyond to assist us as first timers.

    - Vicki A.

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