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Identification Survey of Boundaries

Identifying a property boundary

Pictured above is one of many boundary inspections we have conducted all throughout Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast & the Gold Coast.

What is an identification survey?

Identification surveys are carried out to define & establish property boundaries. It is important for all property owners to ensure that their land ownership rights are protected. Knowing where your property boundaries extend and checking that they are not encroached upon by neighbouring properties is a good step towards being aware of what you own. A Cadastral Land Surveyor can mark your property boundaries and provide you with piece of mind before you finalise that purchase, or simply to ensure your new fence goes up in the correct location. All too often people trust that their solicitor will be able to uncover any unwanted issues associated with the block of land they are purchasing. Without a survey, you run the risk of not discovering an encroachment which could impact on the use of your land, hence proving to be very costly. Some common identification surveys we get asked to do are:

  • Marking of boundaries for new fencing or building work;
  • Checking for building encroachment issues;
  • Resolving disputes with neighbours over land boundaries; and
  • to confirm the ownership of trees on and close to boundaries.

Why property owners need to do this

Having a boundary survey is like taking out an insurance policy on your land. Confirming your land boundaries is especially critical before you purchase any property. If you are buying a block of land you need a guarantee that you are getting what you paid for, before the sale goes unconditional. This is where we can help.

East Coast Surveys has conducted numerous identification surveys over the last 20 years. We can help check that your boundaries and land area (square metres) are correct, that the dimensions correctly relates to your certificate of title, and that no buildings or structures cross any land boundaries onto neighbouring properties (and vice versa). We have helped give many Brisbane homeowners the peace of mind that they are getting what they paid for by carrying a survey of their land.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if my neighbours house encroaches on to my land?
A: Our survey plan will identify if, exactly how much, and where, the house encroaches.

Q: Is an identification survey recognised in a court of law?
A: Yes - they can be used in a court of law to have the neighbour take action to remedy the situation.

Q: If I am buying a house it is important to have the boundaries surveyed?
A: Definitely yes! This is to protect your interests & rights as a property owner & to ensure you are getting what you paid for.

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