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New Report Shows Shortage of Qualified Surveyors in Australia

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Monday, July 29, 2013 - 10:13

ABC news reported this week that there is an anticipated shortage in qualified surveyors within the construction industry. Well this is nothing new to those within or associated with the industry. With not enough school leavers choosing a career in the surveying industry and many positions being left vacant due to retirement, there is a growing cause for concern about the future of the industry being able to fulfill expected work demands.

You can view the original article here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-07-13/surveyor-shortage-threatens-future-construction/4818414

Education Factors

The report goes on to say that more must be done at an educational level to ensure school students are well versed in maths and science to be in a position to choose study in Surveying after they leave school. Put simply, there are not enough school leavers choosing a career in the industry to satisfy the anticipated volume of work expected in the future. Whether this is because of issues within the education system where maths and science skills are dwindling, or that the university intake levels are insufficient and not satisfying employment demands, is yet to be ascertained. As reported in the article:

“The Surveyors Board of South Australia says maths and science should be mandatory at all school levels up to Year 12 if there's any hope of reversing the course which seems set.”

I think this is an absolute must, not only for surveying, but for all the other industries that rely on these too. Maths and science have been the cornerstone for so many advances in our society since day one. It is discouraging to read that the same emphasis is not placed on these disciplines now as what there used to be. We'll leave these for the government to sort out which I am sure they will...

A Message to School Leavers Considering A Career In the Surveying Industry

Personally I have a strong passion for what I do. My choice to become a surveyor has taken me to various places in Queensland and parts of northern NSW. For some it may create opportunities to travel around the world. I enjoy the new challenges I face everyday, from site to site, project to project.  The diversity within our industry is great as is the variety from day to day. There is opportunity to work in both the office and the field environments. My career has allowed me to make many new friends and acquaintances throughout the construction and development industry. My advice to any school leaver who enjoys maths and science, travel and technology, is to consider choosing a career in land surveying, and take a moment to visit the Destination Spatial Website at: http://www.destinationspatial.org/

The Future

Surveying is a vital industry which will offer careers well into the future, whether in construction, the determination of property boundaries or in the Mining industry, hydrography or cartography. The demand for surveyors is expected to rise in the near future, and as demand rises, so too you would expect the reward. A career in surveying can be very satisfying. I highly encourage any students considering going on to study at university to definitely consider surveying.

Along with many others in the profession, we hope that this looming shortage of professionals seen in Australia can be addressed from within our country, allowing our own young people the opportunity to find careers in the spatial industry.

- Paul Reed

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