Redland City Council Planning Scheme Changes

Published 8th September 2021
Council news

Planning amendments to address development near dams and waterways and ROS zone subdivision

Amendments to the Redland City Plan will be drafted with the aim of strengthening provisions that regulate development in proximity to the city’s waterways and dams.

Redland City Council has resolved to undertake the amendments to the Waterway Corridors and Wetlands Overlay (WCWO) Code and the Healthy Waters Code in the City Plan.

Mayor Karen Williams said the WCWO code would be tightened to improve environmental outcomes near waterways and wetlands.

“The intent is to place definitive obligations on assessable development in those areas to undertake re-vegetation that enhances stream and habitat condition, biodiversity and wildlife movement,”

“As part of this, they are required to provide a vegetated and development-free riparian buffer along waterways and wetlands.”

Division 3 Councillor Paul Golle, has campaigned for the proposed amendments after raising concerns about impacts caused by certain development.

“Unless very well considered, alterations to natural wetlands, dams and watercourses during development can result in serious legacy impacts on residents through increased localised flooding events,”

“The Healthy Waters Code will be amended to ensure that there is no implied preference in the Plan to remove artificial water bodies such as old farm dams. This is to ensure applicants understand that the removal or retention of a dam will be determined on a case-by-case basis and with regard to the performance criteria. Performance criteria include ensuring the dam performs a significant ecological, water quality or recreation function, is structurally sound and will not impose a significant maintenance or cost burden on the community,”

In another City Plan amendment, Council also resolved to strengthen the Recreation and open space (ROS) zone code provisions.

“If not being undertaken by Redland City Council, the adopted amendment provisions will elevate the level of assessment from code to impact assessment for re-configuring a lot in the recreation and open space zone (ROL)”

“The agreed amendments will afford the community an opportunity to lodge submissions on re-configurations within ROL zone. The strengthened assessment is expected to help avoid fragmentation of ROL zoned land and the creation of additional residential lots extending into the ROL zone.”

The proposed amendments will be included in the next general package of major amendments to the City Plan.

There are also additional change being considered to increase controls over land that is included in Environmental Significance overlays. Public consultation is expected early in 2022. It is anticipated that this will have extreme significance to things like simply building a house if the state processes are to be “enhanced” as they already make it very difficult to build a reasonable house on acreage lots that are subject to koala protection in some cases.

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